2009 China Agriculture & Food Import & Investment Conference

I. Background:
Since China adopted the policy of reform and opening up, its economy has developed fast. Its agriculture development, however, has all along lagged behind the other industries. With income gap between the countryside and the city further widening and having has a 1.3 billion population with most of the population dwelling in rural areas, China’s agriculture becomes the top priority of the Chinese Communist Party, the state and the nation. The state has launched a series of agricultural policies and promulgated a series of agricultural regulations and treat agriculture preferentially in policy-making, contribution of fund, and training of talents. With the continual development of China’s economy and the trend of globalization, China’s agriculture is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This conference is held to meet these challenges of China’s agriculture, promote its modernization process, and encourage the cooperation between Chinese and international agriculture.

This conference is the biggest and most authoritative meeting concerning investment and import in China’s agriculture and food industry. It serves as a platform for Chinese companies and foreign companies to have a face-to-face discussion. It represents the highest level of development in China’s agriculture industry and food industry and therefore will lead you to the most possible huge success in China.

The conference will be convened in accordance with state policies and decisions made by the central government:
On various occasions, Chairman Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and others have emphasized that China will strengthen its support of agriculture now and in the future, that agriculture is the core issue of the country, and that agriculture is important for China’s economic development and social stability.
Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the State Council on Further Strengthening of Agriculture Economy formulated by the 4th Plenary Session of the 16th Party Central Committee requires more support of agriculture investment to create good environment for China’s economic development and growth.
Document No. 1 of the central government has specified the overall requirements for agriculture and rural work, which especially emphasizes that both now and in the future it will consider it an important and urgent strategy task to strengthen the construction of agriculture infrastructure, quicken agricultural science and technology development, improve comprehensive production capacity of agriculture. The task should be carried out well in practice. This is another programmatic document of our party guiding agricultural and rural work.

II. Themes of the Conference
Understanding business opportunities of China’s agricultural market
Exploring the sales channels of agriculture and foo products
Gathering of international agricultural capital information
Encouraging investment in China’s agriculture and food projects

III Sponsor:
China International Agriculture Investment Research Institute
China Association of Agricultural Scientists
China Association of Agricultural Entrepreneurs
China Food Import Organization

IV Schedule:
1st day: The matic speech
2nd day: Introduction of projects of enterprises and negotiation of them
3rd day: Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs’ face-to-face negotiation of investment projects
4th day: Visit mega agricultural enterprises of Beijing to get on-site knowledge about the conditions of Chinese agricultural enterprises
5th day: Visit Beijing Modern Agricultural Park to have knowledge of the relevant conditions of agricultural science and technology
6th day: Visit sales channels of Beijing, such as Beijing agricultural wholesale market to get knowledge of the sales conditions of agricultural products.
7th day: Tour scenic spots of Beijing, such as the Great Wall and Palace Museum.

V. Form of the Conference and its Main Contents:
1. Form of conference:
this conference is divided into seven parts: theme speech, project report, project negotiation, project inspection, market inspection, touring, and following-up consulting services
2. Thematic Speech:
1. Speeches on such themes as historical opportunities and policy environment of the development of China’s agriculture, and the tendency and strategies of investment in agricultural industry.
2. Consumption tendency of industries related to China’s agriculture.
3. Development of the potential and depth of China’s top-end agricultural market.
4. Methods for foreign agricultural enterprises to realize long-term development and to get listed on the stock market and to begin a successful career. 5. Establishment of import channels and building of brand.
6. Business opportunities of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.
7. Business opportunities of organic food.
8. Analysis of the feed industry.
9. Report on the development of agricultural economy and mega-enterprises of agriculture.

3. Project Negotiation Procedure and Form :
1. Business invitation department of the government and major enterprises introduce projects at the conference.
2. Brief introduction of the conditions of enterprises and projects of business invitation, which will be recommended by the organizing committee to foreign investors.
3. Direct face-to-face negotiation with the holder of projects to form common understanding and sign agreement on cooperation intent.
4. Invite investors to conduct on-site inspection (which can be helped by the organizing committee) and special research on project to encourage success of the projects.

VI Attendants:
Agricultural business invitation department of the Chinese government and leaders and experts of relevant units are specially invited.
The attendants also include persons in charge of both Chinese and foreign food and beverage enterprises, agricultural technology popularization station, planting centre, breeding centre, and model parks of agricultural science and technology ;persons in change of mega-agricultural groups, agricultural related investment companies, agricultural related company of science and technology, enterprises processing agricultural products, logistics company of agricultural products, wholesale market of agricultural products, and agricultural chain operation; representatives of agricultural enterprises listed on the stock market, relevant holder of agricultural projects, and entrepreneurs who seek cooperation.

VII. Scope of Negotiation at the Conference:
Investment and financing projects of many fields such as establishment of agricultural production base, import of food and beverage, import of agricultural equipment, introduction of agricultural means of production and agricultural science and technology, agricultural infrastructure, ecological agriculture, water conservancy irrigation agriculture, leisure and sightseeing agriculture, agricultural science and technology park, organic (green) agriculture development, seed, organic fertilizer, biological feed, breeding and meat processing, agricultural product processing, logistics of agricultural products, chain operation of agricultural means of production, chain supermarket of agricultural products, whole-sale and trade of agricultural products, and conversion of the fruits of agricultural science and technology.

VIII Time and Fees:
1. The conference will last seven days from Oct 19th to Oct 25th.

2. The fee of the conference totals USD3980 which can be remitted to account number:
Services include:
(1) Eight days’ boarding, lodging, transportation, interpretation, conference, and Conference Program.
(2) Complete services after the conference to ensure real success of the conference: you will be provided with a market research of related industry based on your requirements and consultation services related to the distribution of import products and setting up of factories.
(3) Give away a copy of report worth USD1500 on China’s agriculture industry and capital market.

3. The attendant needs to fill in the attendance application form, affix it with the common seal of the unit of the attendant, post or fax it to the office of the organizing committee, and then remit the conference fee to the account number designated by the organizing committee. After the organization committee has confirmed the attendance, it will fax an invitation letter to the unit of the attendant within one week.

4. Please notify the organizing committee promptly in case of any special requirements from the attendant, such as, sponsorship, naming the conference with the name of the attendant’s company, and commercials, etc.

5. Conference Program: each attendant will be given a space of 1/4 page for company introduction and commercials; the fee of full page ad on the outside front cover is USD2000, that on the first inside front cover is USD 1800, the second inside front cover USD1600, and the third inside front cover USD1500. The price of advertising on the outside back cover is USD1800 and that on the first inside back cover is USD1600. The price of advertising on a common page is USD1000. Please contact us if you have such demand.

Attendance application time stops on Oct 10th, 2009.

IV. Secretary of the Organizing Committee
Tel: 8610-59798911
Fax: 8610-64119722
Email: china@agriministry.com.cn
Contact Person: Cynthia Lu, Lily Li.