Winning in China B

The following courses are designed by experts of our bureau based on the most recent market conditions and various problems encountered by foreign enterprises when they have access to the Chinese market. These courses combine theory with practice so they not only can help you gain knowledge about the Chinese market but can also help you have access to it to win the competition and to make more profit.
Brief introduction of the seven-day training courses designed for international food and beverage enterprises: 

Main Course
Contents of the Course
Incentive Course
Special Training Camp of Highly Effective Team
Building Chinese Team of Marketing
Channel Management Course
Strategy of Food and Beverage Sales Channels
Food and Beverage Marketing Network Management and Upgrading
In-Depth Development of Food and Beverage Market Terminal
Sales Breaking Through and Multiple Profit Increase
Terminal Promotion Strategy
Brand Marketing Course
Building Sales Management System
Building Marketing Team
Strategy of Building Excellent Brand
Special Courses
Current Special State of China’s Food and Beverage Market and Study and Analysis of it
Classis on Imported Food and Beverage Chain Operation
Study of China’s Food and Beverage Consumption Habits
Winning for Innovation
Win-Win Results for both the Producer and the Trader
Understanding Market Practice
Explore Food and Beverage Enterprises to conduct on-site Investigation and Research

only 5 to 10 people are admitted for each and every class for the sake of effectiveness of the course. Fees: $8800 each person.
Professional research report of the related industry worth USD2000 will be given away for each course.
In addition to the aforesaid courses, we can also provide customized agricultural market inspection covering the following based on your requirements: food, beverage, animal husbandry, horticulture, aquatic products, agricultural machinery, biology technology, feed, forestry, pesticide, and so on. Scope: competitor study, industry market study, factory inspection, investment cooperation, technological cooperation, and import cooperation, etc.