Chinese Agriculture of Sightseeing, A Promising Industry in China

In modern society, the speeding life and work as well as the tighter and tighter competition bring great pressure, on the other hand, with the incomes and holidays rising, people are more and more willing to relax themselves in nice environment, thus the sightseeing of nature becomes the best option. It is fashionable “to eat farmer’s food, live in farmer’s cottages, do farmer’s work and watch farmer’s scenery” .The agriculture of sightseeing has not only promoted the development of the suburban areas, solved the problems of employment, but also made the farmers benefit much from it. A great number of “green agriculture” and numerous rich rural families come up.
Experts predict that plenty of magnates will be generated from this sector in the 21st century.
Generally speaking, Chinese agriculture of sightseeing is still in its initial stage, thus it has a huge potential. Apart from the scaled holiday villages, common agriculture of sightseeing is characterized with following features:
1. Little investment and rapid effects
The projects of the sightseeing agriculture mainly consist of planting and breeding without large workshop or equipments. The old houses and common cottages, pools can be used for breeding, what’s more, the dejecta from the breeding can be fermented through the firedamp pool so as to plant excellent fruit trees, vegetables, and grass under the trees can be used for raising animals. By virtue of this way, we can cut the cost in a great degree, beautify the environment, help to raise the animals and attract visitors.
2. Great space for profits and market
The species of the breeding and planting of the sightseeing agriculture are always new and special, only in this way can the touring, eating and fallowing be combined.
In the breeding, some wild species can be introduced such as local chickens, wild rabbits and wild boars. In the planting, grapes and winter jujubes can be good selections. Then the visitors can not only eat delicacies of all kinds, but also enjoy the interesting animals and join fishing, barbecuing, picking up fruits and vegetables, making samples of animals and plants so that the agricultural products can be consumed on the spot with a great amount of cost saved. Compared with common breeding and planting, the sightseeing agriculture can achieve profits 5-10 times.
3. Weak competition making easy success
Generally speaking, people’s investments are centered on trading and operating factories. However, in fact agriculture is highly profited. As we know, so far the sightseeing agriculture has been weak where operators have not got sufficient comprehensive quality and capability. Therefore, for those who have a little experience of operating factories, he will possess obvious advantages in terms of operation, mastering technology, and social relations. It will be much easier for them to launch sightseeing villages in such situations.
4. Forceful support by the state
In line with the requirements of the Scientific Outlook on Development, the government advocates to develop eco-agriculture forcefully and offers a great number of favorable policies in many fields such as the construction of highway through villages and towns, rescinding the agricultural tax, supplying small amounts of loans for agriculture.
5. Stable investment
With easy technology, low cost, weak competition, the sightseeing agriculture, centered on planting, breeding, processing, eating and fallowing, has been one of the most profitable sectors