2008 china wood report

Note: the enterprises include all state-owned enterprises and private enterprises with annual sales income of over 5 million yuan; panel board includes plywood, fiberboard and flake board; engineered wood flooring includes solid engineered flooring and laminate flooring. Page:26
Monthly Production of Wood Products in China
I: Panel Board 2
II: Solid Wood Flooring 3
III: Engineered Wood Flooring 3
IV: Wood Furniture 4
V: Paper Pulp 4
Wood Market in China 5
Slight Rise of Price of Russia Wood at Suifenhe Port 5
Steady Price of Logs in Yuzh International Wood Market in April 6
Russia will Adjust Export Duty of Logs 6
China Became the Biggest Importation Country of PNG Wood 7
Boards and Furniture in China 8
EU to Expand Anti-dumping Investigation Scope towards Chinese Plywood 8
Price of MDF in Dongguan Jilong Wood Market Steady with Slight Rise 8
Rapid Growth of Panel Board in Jiangsu Pizhou 9
Paper and Paper Pulp in China 10
Price of Paper-making Pulp Went Steady 10
Imp. & Exp. 12
Analysis of listed companies 24
Markor 24
Yihua Timber 25
Guangming Furniture 26