2008 china wheat report

Monthly Analysis Report of China Market of wheat, an analysis product based on data and charts, comprehensively reports the latest trends and developments of China wheat market, accurately and punctually. It deeply and comprehensively analyze domestic wheat market, and then by basing on this objectively predicts the trends and developments on the market; it regularly issues such data as the conditions of domestic production and sales, the total amount of wheat of import and export, as well as economic indices of major manufacturers.
The report, from an international perspective, studies industry chain and product serials of the wheat industry, collects and analyzes necessary data about the market, enabling the report-users to fully understand upstream and downstream enterprises of wheat and their products.
Introduction of Major Columns:
Information punctually reports policy change, production trend, and construction.
Industry Analysis systematically analyzes economic conditions of China and dynamic market price in all districts; it studies the anatomy of the trend and development of wheat markets of different districts and of different types.
Trade Information punctually and accurately reports and analyzes related information about wheat of different countries or enterprises.