Opportunities for New Varieties in China Feedstuff Market

To adjust the structure of the feedstuff and explore new varieties, we should approach from such aspects:
1. To explore the feeding stuff in line with Chinese agricultural market. Since most of the feedstuff in rural areas are from surplus meals and grains, we can explore condensed feeding stuff according to those features; the farmers favor the feedstuff with low cost, then we can help them explore green feedstuff; we can make use of raw materials through the process of micro-ecosystem so as to low down NH3 in the animals’ dejecta and reduce the fetor. In this way can we not only father the environment, improve the producing condition but also utilize the nutrients of the feedstuff well.
2. To explore the feedstuff which can raise the quality and taste of the livestock and birds. As people’s living standard is rising, people are not only concerned with the sufficient supply of meat, fish, eggs and milk, but also interested in the flavor of them. Therefore, on the one hand, we should improve the species of the livestock and birds; on the other hand, we should pay attention to the species of feedstuff. The experiments prove that the feedstuff with lysine can increase the fresh degree of animal products, to adjust the microelements can raise the quality of animal products. Hence, we should emphasize the style and safety of the feedstuff in the exploration so as to raise qualified animals with food flavor.
3. To explore the feedstuff which can raise the production of livestock and birds There is a big gap between Chinese feedstuff and those of developed countries. We should learn and take a good command of the advanced technology so as to improve the production of the livestock and birds, cut down the costs and make more contributions for supplying qualified meat, eggs, milk and fish with low prices.