2008 China Cotton Market Report

China planted cotton acreage, yield and production were 6 million ha., 1.31 MT/ha. and 7.629 million MT respectively in 2007. Xinjiang’s cotton production increased 200,000 MT over the previous year. Anhui’s production increased 77,000 MT, a substantial growth of 18.87% over the previous year.
Xinjiang’s cotton yield growth contributed a great deal to the nation’s production. Xinjiang’s cotton acreage expanded 232,000 ha. in 2007, a growth of 15.96% over the previous year, representing more than 50% of the nation’s increased cotton acreage.
It is predicted that planted cotton acreage may shrink in 2008, primarily because of Xinjiang’s reduction. Jiangsu’s planted cotton acreage is predicted to be 1.523 million ha. in 2008. But considering the extension of fine seeds and government’s subsidy, cotton yield is likely to go up in 2008.
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