Daily information on China Raw Materials for Foods

Based on related information, data, and charts, Raw Materials for Foods, a daily paper, focuses on food additives and food, such as dairy products, sugar, soft drinks, fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs, as well as flour and related raw material market in recent months. It accurately reports developments and trends in markets of domestic food and raw material of food, and regularly publishes the prices of raw materials; analysts also give objective, independent and foresighted opinions in the paper, which can be taken by the customers as reference.
Introduction of the Columns:
News Analyses Professional analysts in the fields of food additive, dairy product, sugar, soft drink, fruit, vegetable, meat, egg, and flour comprehensively analyze the conditions of food additives’ production, sales, and application in China. It anatomize the development of food additives and predict the development trend of them. Their opinions are objective, independent and foresighted.
This Week’s Price Monitoring regularly reports spot prices of food additives, dairy products, sugar, fruits, vegetables, meat,eggs, and flour in the domestic food market.
Current News punctually reports policy change, manufacturing situation, construction development, trade and hot issues in the market.