Monthly Analysis Report of China’s Pesticide Market

Brief Current News reports such new developments and trends as in policy, technology, construction, and trade in the line of domestic pesticides industry and related fields.
Plant Protection State reports situations in plant disease and pests all around China, and their influence upon pesticide market.
Raw Material Prices monitors and predicts the trends and developments in both production and price of such raw materials for pesticides, and their influence upon production and price for pesticides.
Statistic Data reports the volumes of monthly production, imports and exports, sector sales in this line, margin and profit margin, etc..
Analyses and Forecast deeply analyzes market changes,predicts market trends,and deeply analyzes the influences exerted by changes of policies both in China and abroad upon domestic pesticide market.
Price Monitoring keeps track of manufacturer’s prices, trade prices, and retail prices of main pesticides, and predicts the trends of future prices.
Trends in Technology reports the current state and new developments and trends in pesticide, and deeply analyzes market potentials and future outlooks.