Weekly Information on China Oilseeds Market

Background of the investigation:
Grease and Oil Material Report, a weekly paper on trends and developments of vegetable oil market in China, focuses on bean oil, vegetable seeds oil, peanut oil and palm oil, even few types of oils seldom used. By investigating planting, producing, importing, exporting , processing, and consuming of oil materials, Grease and Oil Material Report conducts a comprehensive study on the oil material market in China. In addition, the report keeps track of trends and developments of the oil industry through micro-study of manufacturing technology, investment, trade, industry policy in oil enterprises.
Grease and Oil Material Report covers three parts:
1. It studies the anatomy of hot points in the market and accurately senses the trends and developments of the market.
2. It punctually issues the planting situation of oil plants all around China, and simultaneously provide the user with the price of merchandise available in China.
3. It provides the users with conditions of import and export of grease and oil of the concerned month.
This report mainly aims at the distribution, selection, purchase, and information industry of oil and fat industry, such as oil factories, merchants, and enterprises consuming edible oil. It is also applicable to those units which want to do market research, industry tracing for the purpose of strategic studies, such as investors, research centers, and investment banks. So far the customers are some multi-national food companies and feeding stuff enterprises.