Weekly information on China Livestock and Feed Market

Current News punctually reports policy change , production situation, construction development, and trade trends of feed and live stock products as well as related fields.
Statistic Data punctually reports such staple raw materials as corn, bean pulp, fish meal, methionine, lysine, and feedstuff additive, and such industrial feeding foods as meat and egg chicken, live pig, remastication, antiquate products, and meat varieties (categorized in accord with different countries, custom houses, different imported amount in different provinces together with the overall output of feeding stuff and meat in China.)
Analyses and Predictions contains in-depth analyses of market changes and predictions of the future developments and trends with anatomization of the influences of Chinese and foreign changes of policy about feedstuff and livestock products market as well as related fields.
Supply and Demand Analyses consists regularly issues of internal supply and demand of feedstuff and meat with vigilant judgments about the situation in supply and demand of major feeding stuffs and meats.
Trade Trends punctually and accurately reports the situations of purveyance, consumption, repertory, and price fluctuations of imported feeding stuff at the open port.
Price Report keeps track of the purchase price, factory price, market trade price, and open port selling price of feeding stuff raw material and livestock product with predictions about the trends and developments of the future prices.