Daily information on China Grain

We accurately and punctually provide exclusive information about the market prices of bean, corn, soybean residue,bean oil, and wheat. The report includes analyses and predictions made by experts with a collection of opinions of personages from all walks of life, so it is a comprehensive reflection of people’s opinions about the market;charts in this column enable the customers to understand and refer to related data from a historical perspective and thus benefiting them in their activities of investment, manufacture, or decision making. In one word, this column is a synthesis of a large number of papers and is a very valuable source for the user to understand the market comprehensively.
Target Customers:
This report is mainly suitable for feeding stuff enterprises, distribution sections, stock sections and information sections; it is also fit for market studies, industry tracing, and strategic research used by some futures companies, investors, research centers and investment banks. Its main customers are small-and-medium sized enterprises, futures companies, and international news agencies.