The Key Points of the Work of National Agricultural Science and Technology

1. To launch science actions of excellent crop species so as to accelerate restructuring of planting industry. Focusing selecting and planting new excellent highly-productive species and the its industrialization, we will accelerate strategic restructuring of planting industry; develop technologies of saving cost and increasing effects, develop the planting industry with high production and high effects for the purpose of promoting the production of planting industry and the standardization of products, the rationalization of distribution, the industrialization of operation.
2. To launch science actions of excellent and highly productive livestock and aquatic products so as to speed up the scale, indoctrination, and standardization of breeding industry. We will launch selecting and breeding of excellent species of livestock and aquatic products, developing feeding stuff, the facilities and equipments of production, and the technology of preventing and curing epidemics in an all around way, establish sound examination systems of livestock and aquatic products so as to improve the comprehensive development of livestock and aquatic industries as well as exploit international market.
3. To launch science actions of agricultural products processing, cultivate new rising points of agricultural economy, and increase the incomes of farmers. We will speed up the scientific processing progress in agricultural, foster the construction of raw material-bases of processing so as to realize the scale of production, the modernization of technology equipments, vigorously update the comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources as well as the adding values of agricultural products. We will cultivate regional pole industries, continue to construct intensified sections of “spark” technology and lead the agricultural Industries in upgrading themselves; We will establish sound systems of quality criterion for agricultural products professing and systems of technology supervision and examination,; We will develop the technologies of agricultural processing, deposition and the equipments so as to set up new industries of agricultural products processing.
4. To launch science actions of saving water in agriculture and update the utilization efficiency of water resources. Facing with the shortage of water resources, low efficiency of utilization, waste, and serious pollution, we will develop advanced, feasible and highly-productive agricultural technologies and equipments in accordance with the national situation, especially the technologies and equipments of saving water and irrigating.
5. To launch science actions of building agricultural ecosystem and improving the capability of sustainable development. We will develop technologies of protecting and resuming natural forests, keeping water and soils, returning plantation to forests and grass, and utilizing agricultural recourses efficiently so as to supply technological support for improving environment and realizing the sustainable development of agriculture.
6. To launch science actions of preventing and fathering sands. Focusing on stopping the worse tendency of regional environment,we will persist with principles of managing the eco-effects, social effects and economic effects together, integrating overall distribution and regional management, integrating long-term plans and key programs, we will persist with the technologies of integrating managing sands and making money, integrating partial experiments and overall control for the purpose of building a new mechanism in which the government is the leading role, social forces anticipate in it widely.
7. To launch high technology researches and science actions of industrialization, foster restructuring of traditional agriculture, improve the overall level of agricultural science and technology. Focusing on the biotechnology, information technology, we will intensify the development of agricultural high technology and cultivate a series of industries of agricultural science and technology that possess self-intellectual-property so as to lead the agricultural industies in upgrading themselves and improve the international competition of China’s agriculture.
8. To launch science actions of regional development of agriculture, exploit ascendant regional industries and industries with characteristics, start comprehensive researches of utilizing water recourses with high efficiency, returning plantation to forests and grass, preventing and managing the loss of water and soil erosion, managing desertification; We will speed up the agricultural restructuring in the western regions, optimize resources collocation, apply advanced science and technology in improving the reasonable exploitation of ascendant resources and deep processing so as to foster the stable development of agricultural economy; We will establish model bases of industries of agricultural science and technology, regional pole industries in order to increase farmers’ incomes and foster the development of the western regions.
9. To launch science actions of improving the scientific capability of agriculture, increase the strength and potential of national agriculture. By virtue of national key programs and plans, clambering plans, national funds for nature sciences, we will strengthen the basic researches of agriculture and other basis work so as to enhance the capability of self-innovation continuously.