Capital Market Report of Chinese Agricultural Economy

Capital Market Report of Chinese Agricultural Economy concerning Chinese agricultural economy, its policy, and its capital market is a comprehensive monthly. It aims at companies managing agriculture-related fund,securities traders, venture capital institutions, overseas investment banks, international investment banks, farm produce merchants as well as people working in agricultural investment and development .
Column Introduction:
1. Economic Trends and Developments covers such contents as major industrial events, countryside finance, futures market, and listed companies. We invite some experts to give their analyses and evaluations upon the background, effects, and trends of them.
2. Industry Tracing covers some analyses, appraisal, and prediction about China’s agricultural market. This is carried out by professional analysts in our bureau, basing on years of accumulation of data collected, custom, industry statistics, and market investigation.
The State Bureau of Statistics
3. Capital Market Studies of Agricultural Economy gives medium-and-long term analyses and judgments about China’s agricultural development, and it appraise the performance of those agricultural industrialization companies in the capital market.
4. Recommended Items for Investment and Related Evaluations deals with agriculture-related investment opportunities recommended by some investment consultants in our bureau, helping strategic and industrial investors seek for partners in China and abroad.