The Successful Convening of the Second Session of International Conference of Presidents of Agricultural Academy in Beijing

The Second Session of International Conference of Presidents of Agricultural Academy in Beijing, imitated and held by our institute, was convened on December 18-19, 2007. All the leaders of high level from the institutions of agriculture in the world attended the conference concerning the sustainable development of international agricultural technology and agriculture. Additionally, more than 100 deputies from 45 countries in South Africa and from 25 provincial agriculture academies and related institutions in China attended the conference.
Zhao An’jun, the vice minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, emphasized that, Chinese agriculture was faced with double restraints of resources and market, double pressures of securing grain and securing ecosystem. We must change the way of agricultural growth, expand the agricultural function scope, and upgrade the guiding and supporting capability of agricultural science and technology in line with the strategic plan of building a new socialist countryside proposed by the state. We must further do well in the agricultural science and technology in three aspects: Firstly, we must construct the state innovative system of agricultural science and technology, accelerate building the state innovative bases and regional centers of agriculture scientific research, set up technology systems of modern agriculture which closely linked the production bases and diet tables, production and consumption, research and markets; Secondly, we must strengthen developing the agricultural science and technology, mainly in overcoming key difficulties and core technology which restrained the development of industries. As regards the cultivation of animal and plant species, large scale of disasters, healthy breeding, dry farming, we should overcome a series of common technology of the sectors; thirdly, we must strengthen the spreading of agricultural technology and farmers’ training.
Around the topic of “Modern Agriculture and Building A New Countryside”, the Second Session of International Conference of Presidents of Agricultural Academy analyzed the key problems and strategies of development, exchanged the successful experiences and advanced polices in the agricultural innovation, management of agricultural resources, conservation protection, rural development, etc. The conference sufficiently borrowed and adopted the advanced experiences of the international agricultural sciences and the development of rural areas. It is of great significance to promote the development of Chinese agriculture and build a new socialist countryside.